Prezentation of the school
Studying at Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering,
the school of the capital city of Prague

The graduates of the Mechanical Engineering specialisation after completing their compulsory practice and the appropriate time of incorporation are prepared to perform techno-economic professions and highly qualified working occupations especially in engineering, but also in other sectors of the economy. They can work in design and technology department as well as in operation.

For these reasons the graduates must have the profile of the necessary general education, but at the same time they must be sufficiently adaptable in the related branches. They must be able to think logically and apply the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to solve specific problems, to work both independently and in a team, to be interested in their consistent self- education and be concerned about the new achievements in their field of study. They also must be able to master selected manual skills and scientifically erudite methods of work at the appropriate level.

The graduates increase their qualifications gaining more necessary experience in practical professions or further post-secondary education. SPŠS is the winner of the international competition of high school students in design technologies Autodesk Design Academia 2012. The school provides students with most textbooks free. There is a well equipped school library where students can enjoy free access to the internet throughout the day. Students can study English or German according to their choice. The school is located in an attractive part of Prague near the National Theatre with convenient connections (metro, tram) for all parts of Prague and its vicinity. The school is equipped with a modern school canteen, the price of lunch is 30,- CZK, students can choose from two dishes.

Career prospects

Nearly 80% of the graduates continue their studies mainly at technical universities, schools of economy or colleges of various specialisations. Other graduates have no problems to find satisfactory jobs due to their flexibility and a good knowledge of CAD/CAM applications and programming CNC machines. The graduates of the Economic specialisation also get employed easily thanks to their versatility.

The Information Technology and Technical Lyceum branches of study are fully accessible for student wheelchair users.

Graduation courses

23-41-M/01 Mechanical Engineering

Specialisation Computer Aided Design CAD

a four-year full-time form of study which introduces students to design activities in connection with computer technology.

Specialisation Computer Aided Manufacturing CAM

a four-year full-time form of study which introduces students to the preparation of the production on CNC machine tools.

Specialisation Information Technology in Mechatronics

a four-year full-time form of study where students learn how to connect and vivify mechatronic systems, design control and regulation circuits, program automatic machines and use CAD / CAM technology. Practical training is c arried out in laboratories equipped with modern teaching aids FESTO.

Specialisation Technical Equipment of Buildings

a four-year full-time form of study. In addition to studying Mechanical Engineering students extend their knowledge of the technical equipment of residential and industrial

18-20-M/01 Information Technology

Specialisation Computer Applications

a four-year full-time form of study.

78-42-M/01 Technical Lyceum

Systematic preparation of gifted students for their further study at a university, a four-year full-time form of study.

Apprentice branch

23-56-H/01 Machinist of Metals

Preparation for professions in engineering, a three-year apprenticeship. Introduction to basic means of technical communication commonly used in practice.

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